About Us

What we do

OpenLaw NZ is an open-source legal data platform. Our goal is to improve the accessibility of case law and other legal information in New Zealand. We want to make it easier for all New Zealanders to understand law.

You can use our search to find case law, and navigate between related information. You can also use our plugins (or write your own) to aid your research.

You can use our API to build case law intelligence into your own applications and services. For an example, see our chrome extension.

Our data

The data we have currently comprises High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court decisions from present day back to approximately 2004 (with some exceptions, for example some suppressed decisions and other judgments that have not been published).

We developed software that extracts data from cases. We extract structured data, including references to other cases in our database, and to any Acts of Parliament (current or repealed). We use that software to power our search and API.

Who we are

OpenLaw NZ is a registered charity. We’re operated by a fantastic group of volunteers, helping with code, design, orchestration, data parsing, machine learning and devops.

Our volunteers receive real-world experience in react, node.js, python and a range of other technologies. If you’d like to get involved, drop us a line here.


Andrew Easterbrook, CEOAndrew Easterbrook, CEO

Andrew is a lawyer, and has worked in technology law, civil litigation and family law since 2009. He has been a Member of the Auckland District Law Society Technology & Law Committee since 2012, and is experienced in web and software development. Andrew went to university at Victoria, Wellington, and now lives in Whangarei.

William Parry, CTOWilliam Parry, CTO

William brings 15 years of tech experience across enterprise, advertising and small businesses including 8 years working with open data in projects and hackathons. He has run community coding classes and is passionate about empowering disadvantaged people with technology. William went to university at Victoria, Wellington, and now lives in Sydney.

Past and Present Contributors

Blaine WesternBlaine Western
Tian BaiTian Bai
Caio NunesCaio Nunes
Terence ZhongTerence Zhong
Alex HuangAlex Huang
Nicolas ZhouNicolas Zhou
Jins Mary JobJins Mary Job
Dana ItiDana Iti
Noel SoongNoel Soong
Hanbyul SonHanbyul Son
Alex ChanAlex Chan
Ed HaslamEd Haslam
April LiauApril Liau
Lina XieLina Xie
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Benedict StewartBenedict Stewart
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Alex McNicholAlex McNichol
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