OpenLaw NZ Receives Law Foundation Grant

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The New Zealand Law Foundation has funded a joint project between OpenLaw NZ and researchers Tom Barraclough, Curtis Barnes and Warren Forster to apply automated technologies and analytics to case law to enhance access to justice.

The core goal of the project is to develop automated tools that greatly reduce the time and expertise necessary to conduct legal research, both academic and practical. In short, as an output of the project, learnings that once would have required a team of legal researchers working many hours will be attainable by laypersons in a fraction of the time.

This information will be accessible to the public, allowing them to engage with case law far more extensively than is presently the case. The possibilities that flow from this would be a significant breakthrough in access to justice and the democratization of law.

OpenLaw NZ’s role will be to provide the technology and infrastructure, leveraging its existing open-source platform and expertise. Approximately 7,500 Court decisions about ACC cases will be used as the pilot dataset.

Read the NZ Law Society Law Talk article about the project. We will post updates as the project develops.